8M Focus

Taking advantage of the coincidence of the date, the festival joins the demands of 8M with a specific program focused on delving into the different issues facing women today


Selection of 8 short films to watch on our website during the festival days

It features 8 internationally acclaimed and outstanding works that focus on various issues and claims of the 8M movement, including female sexuality, sorority, pregnancy, sexual violence, machismo, patriarchy, transgender issues, and more


Screening of the film My Sunny Maad (Mi familia Afgana, 2021) + Q&A with Michaela Pavlátová

After the film, there will be a Q&A session led by Veronica Buide, current president of MIA association (Women in the Animation Industry), focusing on the film’s concept, the director’s experience, and the current situation of women in the industry.


Michaela Pavlátová | 85 min | Czech Republic / France / Slovakia | 2021 | +12

Annecy Film Festival: Jury Prize 2021, Golden Globes: Nominated for Best Animated Film 2022, César Awards: Best Animated Film 2022

Three months before the withdrawal of the American troops from Afghanistan, Michaela Pavlátová won the Jury Prize in Annecy for this film, which precisely addresses the situation of women in post-Taliban Kabul. Pavlátová couldn’t have imagined the urgency that would then surround the story of Herra, a Czech woman who falls in love with an Afghan, marries him, and moves to Kabul, where she begins a new chapter in her life learning to coexist with her husband’s large family. The film is an adaptation of the novel “Freshta,” in which the Polish journalist Petra Procházková tells about her personal experience. A film that deals, without easy solutions and with humour, with the complexity of Afghan society, and in particular the place of women in it.