Activity for primary school students that aims to familiarize the youngest with the format of the film festival, understand its structure, and learn to appreciate the creativity of animated pieces through their role as judges, awarding the Children’s Audience Award of the festival

Screenings will take place on Thursday, March 7 and Friday, March 8 in the morning.
School registration through the Didactic area of Afundación.


Lena von Döhren – Eva Rust | 9 min | Switzerland | 2023 | +3

A shoal of herrings, adopting fantastic formations, roams the vast ocean. When seagulls suddenly attack, one small herring finds itself stranded in a tidal pool. As it searches desperately for a way out, it discovers many other sea creatures here. And now there is no time for fear: only by joining forces can they hope to defend themselves against the hungry seagull.


Anastasia Makhlina | 11 min | Russia | 2023 | +3

Cactus works as a caretaker at the Christmas tree school. He watches his training and dreams of becoming the main symbol of the holiday himself.


Seungbae Jeon | 9 min | South Corea | 2023 | +3

Battery Mommy works in the nursery with various things, such as soap bubble guns, cameras and thermometers. One winter day, during the children’s nap, Battery Mommy discovers that the nursery Christmas tree is on fire. She runs to rescue it…


Christian Arredondo Narvaez – Diego Alonso Sánchez de la Barquera Estrada | 8 min | France / Mexico | 2023 | +3

After witnessing an old dark and stormy cloud raining painfully and dying in suffering; Noma, a white fluffy cloud, realises that Mixtli, her daughter, a dark and stormy cloud, is in danger of raining prematurely.


Célia Tisserant – Arnaud Demuynck | 11 min | France / Belgium | 2023 | +7

Alfred had to flee his country because of the war. Without housing, he wanders, from rejection to rejection. One day he meets Sonia, who offers him a coffee… Adapted from the book « Go Away, Alfred! » by Catherine Pineur (©Editions L’Ecole des Loisirs – Paris, France)


Filip Diviak | 8 min | Czech Republic | 2023 | +7

Edgar’s ordinary life is disrupted by a newborn calf he sees on a sightseeing trip to a slaughterhouse. He takes it home after learning that it will become a schnitzel.


Sem Assink | 2 min | Netherlands | 2023 | +7

3000 BC. A small group of inhabitants of the ‘Low Countries’ are fighting the elements and hunger. Their endless inaptitude to organize themselves combines with their impulsiveness and this leads to the building of the mysterious standing stone buildings of The Netherlands. And the invention of ‘Hooba’.


Natalia Chernysheva | 4 min | France / Russia | 2023 | +7

A sunflower like no other chooses to take a new look at his environment, he will discover a totally different universe…


Magnus Igland Møller – Peter Smith | 8 min | Denmark | 2023 | +7

Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Swineherd” as you have never seen it before! In this entirely goofy and funny version of H.C. Andersen’s famous fairy tale “The Swineherd”, we meet the young swineherd who sits and looks after the king’s pigs. Even though it is Christmas, the boy and the pigs are bored in the pigsty. But whoa! Suddenly the boy remembers his magic pot. It can always start the antics. Soon he finds it, and then there is a party and trouble in the pigsty. When the Princess, who is just as bored, discovers the magic pot and the party it’s throwing, she HAS to get hold of it. But the Swineherd doesn’t just want to get rid of it, because maybe you could get a little kiss in return… Will the Swineherd get his kiss, will the Princess stop being bored, and will it ever be Christmas in the pigsty?